Avoid connection problems
Avoid connection problems

Your SIM card is old and may cause connection or contact reading problems when used in modern mobile phones.

Improve your experience
Improve your experience

With your new SIM you can enjoy benefits such as better security, automatic updates, greater compatibility.

Free of charge for you
Free of charge for you

The SIM change is free. Simply visit an authorized point of sale or request your SIM online to receive it at home. REQUEST YOUR SIM

Frequently asked questions

How do I request a SIM swap?
To change your SIM you only have to go to an authorised point of sale and they will give you your new SIM card. The SIM is universal and valid for any phone. You can find your nearest point of sale on this page.

If you cannot visit a point of sale, you can now request a new SIM online by filling in the following replacement form.
Do I keep my number?
Yes, your phone number will remain the same, nothing changes.
Do I keep my credit?
Of course you do, when you change your SIM card we will transfer the balance and bonuses you have active to your new SIM card.
Is there a cost?
No, the SIM change is completely free, it will not cost you anything.
Do I have to swap the SIM?
Your old SIM will continue to work, but you may have connection problems and as you don't have automatic updates you won't be able to enjoy the future improvements we’ll make to the service. If you want to avoid future problems, we recommend to swap your SIM now.